Describe an occasion when you wore your best clothes / formal clothes

You should say:

What occasion it wasWhen it wasWhere it wasAnd explain why you wore it


Sample Answer 1

I’m going to tell you about the time I was a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding last year. It was a spring wedding, so she wanted us to lớn wear light shades of purple with the men in silky, grey suits that were just divine. The exact date was May 13, 2017, held in a town known for its beautiful horse farms và sprawling (open, never-ending) fields called Hunt Valley. My cousin is a devout Christian (serious Christian), so she decided lớn get married in a Catholic Church with a backdrop of the gorgeous fields behind us.

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Although the wedding was held on this day, I ordered my dress three months in advance and had it altered two times before the big day. I had put on weight during the months leading up, as I was going through a stressful break-up (end of a relationship). So I had lớn alter my dresses ordered for a size 10 to size 12. Moreover, at the last minute, I realized my heels weren’t tall enough, and the bottom of the dress was dragging along the floor, picking up dirt. So, I had it altered again by about 6cm. When all was said & done, the dress fit me like a glove (fit perfectly). The day before, I went lớn get a French manicure & had my hair and make-up done the morning. My cousin provided us with bouquets, a flower bracelet, and a set of gold earrings to lớn thank us for being a part of her special day.

Although the dress wouldn’t be my personal taste, I felt that I had to put on a face (smile even when you don’t like something) for my cousin’s sake. I know that a wedding day is one that a person cherishes, for their entire life, so I certainly didn’t want to fuss (complain). Furthermore, a wedding, especially in a church is a formal event, so I wanted khổng lồ dress accordingly. All in all, I did it for her!

Sample Answer 2

I love dressing up. In fact, I keep an eye on almost every sale organised by online platforms. One of the reasons why I prefer online shopping for clothes is because I get khổng lồ grab latest deals and discounts that further decrease the price khổng lồ a great extent. So, on the occasion of Diwali, when I had to lớn wear something traditional, I scrounged through plenty of eCommerce sites khổng lồ find a dress.

It was back in 2019 and I simply wanted lớn doll-up on this festival. So, one day, I took out some time from my schedule and navigated through options available on varying sites. Fortunately, I came across a shimmery Lehenga Choli on Myntra.

At a glance, I found it attractive because of its peachy colour. Moreover, the model in those pictures had draped the Duppatta in an elegant manner. I dived more into the specifications và found out that the Lehenga Choli had cotton lining inside with artwork done on georgette cloth. All in all, I found it gorgeous and affordable; thus, I placed the order.

It arrived just a day before Diwali. Fortunately, the dress didn’t need any alterations. So, on the D-day, I dressed myself in the traditional possible way và had subtle makeup. Everybody appreciated my look and I felt gorgeous.


open và never endingEg: The campus is surrounded by a sprawling gardenDevout Christian: Serious ChristianEg: As a Devout Christian, John visits the church every sunday. Break up: end of a relationship Eg: Rose broke up with John as they had a lot of misunderstanding. Dress fit me like a glove: fit perfectly Eg: When I wore my sister’s dress, it fit me lượt thích a glove. Put on a smile: Smile even when you don’t lượt thích it Eg: Rose put on a smile and greeted everyone. Sake: the purpose of doing something Eg: John sacrificed his love for the sake of his family. Fuss: complainEg: Rose didn’t want lớn create a fuss. So she agreed khổng lồ the decision

Questions for Part 3

What kinds of clothes vị people wear after work?

There are a wide range of clothes people can choose to put on when people go trang chủ from their office. One of the most popular types is shorts and T-shirts, which I think is favoured by both sexes. I guess this is because staff are supposed khổng lồ dress formally at the workplace, và such clothes are pretty uncomfortable. So, casual wear helps the blood circulate better and thereby relaxing their body. Many people are also keen on gym clothes, pyjamas or skirts as it doesn’t increase their laundry, which means they don’t have to wash their clothes frequently.

What kinds of clothes should people wear at work?

I think it depends on what people do. One of the most popular types among manual labourers is thick pieces of garments with protective gear, as these help them prevent injuries and dirt. However, those working in the office have different dress codes for sure. Lớn be more precise, office workers tend to lớn dress formally lượt thích a pair of trousers and shirts for males or a dress for females. This is probably because they have lớn present a professional image in the eyes of the customers, or wearing such clothes gives staff more confidence in their ability.

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Do you think it is necessary for children khổng lồ wear school uniforms?

I strongly believe that it’s vital for school children to wear uniforms. The most convincing reason is that in a developing country, if all students wear the same clothes, which are white shirts và blue pants, then poor students will feel less humiliated and embarrassed about the financial conditions. Eventually, they will be able lớn focus more on their academic study. It levels the playing field, so khổng lồ speak. The second reason is that a uniform brings và cultivates a sense of belonging and unity in a group. Besides, it will be pleasing lớn the eyes, if you see students in their uniforms in the schoolyard line up to lớn enter the class, which I think is unique in my country.

Where do people in your country buy clothes?

There is quite an array of places at which people can purchase their clothes. The most typical example is the supermarket where clothes of all price ranges are on display. I reckon it caters to consumers’ interest as they are able to pick whatever garment they like and try it on, ask their buddies’ opinion, & so on. Another place is at the market or alongside the streets. Clothes sold at these points are often of lower chất lượng but at more reasonable prices, which is quite a popular choice among less well-off folks. Needless to say, but most people are short of cash at times, so this alternative seems to lớn be pretty good.

When bởi vì people wear formal clothes?

Formal attire is often a must on essential occasions such as meetings, ceremonies, và other solemn events. Having said this, it’s becoming more và more popular that people nowadays prefer casual wear on nearly all occasions and it’s a standard practice in my country, I’d have to admit. For example, it’s normal lớn wear jeans và T-shirts to lớn weddings, birthdays, meetings, etc., if the nature of the event is not too severe. It is entirely in contrast khổng lồ Westerners who often put on a suit or a dress every time they join a formal occasion.

Do people wear formal clothes more often or less often than the past?

I’d say casual attire is gaining more popularity as people in modern society prefer flexibility & convenience.

Will the way we dress influence the way we behave?

It is an interesting question, and my answer is yes. Creative people, who often choose a combination of diverse colors in their clothing style tend khổng lồ be fashionistas who have a firm grasp of what to wear khổng lồ make them look best. These people are dynamic, energetic, và love to socialize. On the other hand, those who often wear plain clothes belong to lớn a group that doesn’t have much enthusiasm about fashion and are willing to lớn put on anything they find in their wardrobe.

Vocabulary for part 3 

Precise: (of a person) exact, accurate, và careful about details. Eg: Rose won the first prize in the precise writing competition. Convince: cause (someone) khổng lồ believe firmly in the truth of something.

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Eg: John was successful in convincing his parents. Unity: the state of being together or joined as a whole Eg: India is a united country. Array: a large group or number of things. Eg: There was an array of clothing stores in the market. Ceremony: a formal religious or public occasion, especially one celebrating a particular event, achievement, or anniversary Eg: My friend invited me khổng lồ attend her wedding ceremony on Sunday. Combination:  a mixture obtained when two or more things are combined Eg: The combination of blue and green will create a yellow color. Socialize: participate in social activities; mix socially with others.Eg: John loved khổng lồ socialize with his friends. Grasp: seize & hold firmly. Eg: She grasped the plates.