Unit 6 lớp 9 language focus


By the over of the lesson, students will be able to use adjectives and adverbs và conditional sentences type 1 .

II. Language content

1.Vocabulary : review the old words

2. Grammar : Use the adjectives and adverbs

 - Adverb clauses of reason

 - Adjective + that clause

 - Conditional sentence type 1

3. Skills : Listening- Speaking- Reading - Writing

IV-Teaching aids: textbooks, pictures,poster .


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Week 22 Period 43 Date : January 19th Theme : HEALTH Topic: THE ENVIRONMENT UNIT 6: THE ENVIRONMENTLANGUAGE FOCUSI-ObjectiveBy the end of the lesson, students will be able lớn use adjectives and adverbs & conditional sentences type 1 .II. Language content1.Vocabulary : nhận xét the old words2. Grammar : Use the adjectives and adverbs - Adverb clauses of reason - Adjective + that clause - Conditional sentence type 13. Skills : Listening- Speaking- Reading - WritingIV-Teaching aids: textbooks, pictures,poster .V-Procedure:Stages/Time Teacher’s activitiesStudents’avtivitiesWarm up:5’Presentation Activity 1Practice :23’Activity 2Activity 3Activity 4Activity 5Homework: 1’Jumbled words-Write the words whole letter are not in good order on the board .-Asks Sts khổng lồ work in groups and arrange the letters khổng lồ complete words .-Corrects the dictation & reread .1. Wols ---> slow2. Asd ---> sad. 3. Dogo ---> Good. 4. Pahapr ---> Happy. 5. Termexe ---> extreme- Introduces the new lessonUNIT 6 : THE ENVIRONMENTLANGUAGE FOCUSPre- teach vocabularyAssignment (n) .Sign (n)revision of adverbsReview the use of adverbs of manner “We use adverbs of manner khổng lồ modify the verbs . It usually goes after the main verb”.-Asks Sts lớn change the adjectives into adverbs.AdjectivesAdverb ExtremeGoodHappySadSlowExtremelyWellHappilySadlySlowly-Tells Sts khổng lồ use the adverbs to lớn complete the sentences .-Calls some students to lớn read aloud .AnswerExtremely .SlowlySadly Happily Well 2- Has sts khổng lồ give examples with word “ because”Ex: He failed the exams. He is too lazyHe failed the exams because he is too lazy-Lets sts work in pairs lớn join the pairs of the sentences togetther. Use because / As/ since-Calls some sts to lớn give the answers*key:a/ cha is tired because / As / Since he stay up late watching TVb/ phái nam has a broken leg because / As / since he fell over while I was playing basketball.c/ Lan is giong lớn be late for school Because/ As / since the bus is late.d/ Hoa broke up the cup Because / As ? since he was carelesslye/ Mai wants to go trang chủ because/as / since he feels sickf/ Nga is hungy Because / As/ since he hasn’t eaten all day3. Reminds the sentences and elicits to lớn the structureEX: I’m pleased that you are working hard S+ BE+ Adj + that clause Adj: happy , confident. Sure,-Lets sts work in pairs lớn complete the dialogues. Use the words in brackets-Calls some pairs to lớn read aloud-Corrects mistakeskey:a/Ba:Mr Ha: that’s wonderful. I’m pleased that you are working hardb/ I’m excited that I can go to lớn Dalat this timec/ I’m sorry that I broke your bicycle yesterdayd/ I’m disappointed that you did not phone me about ite/ I’m amazed that I could win the first price4.Elicits khổng lồ the structureEx” If you live in the forest. You will plant more trees.If clauseMain clauseIf S+ inf ( present simple) S+ will + inf ( future simple)-Sticks the poster on the board và asks sts khổng lồ match each half sentence in column A . With a suitable one in column B-Gives feedbackkey:1-e if we pollute the water , e will have no fresh water lớn use.2-a 3-c 4-d 5-b5.- Has sts complete the sentences in exercise 5-Calls some sts to read loudly before classkey a/ If the rice paddies are polluted. The rice plants will dieb/ the environment will become seriously pollutedc/ we will have more shade & fresh aird/ the vegetables will become poisonous & in edible.e/ we will live happier and heathier life asks sts to give examples with structures that they have learned -Gives assignments & comments+ Learn by heart the structures+ do the exercise in workbook+ Prepare the words and grammar in UNIT6 to reviews -Listen-Join in game ( groupworks)-Listen-Give meaning-Repeat C.I-Remind( whole class)-Give examples the adj & adv in the table-Say ( one by one)( individually)-Work in groups in 2’ to complete the sentences-Say and write I-Give example-Work in pair in 2’-Compare with their friends-Say và write ICorrect-Listen -Remember-Take note-Work in pair in 2’-Say & write ( pair by pair)-Listen-Write down-Give example-Work in pair in 2’Say & write-Work in group in 2’Say và write(one by one)Say ( whole class)-Take note