Looking back unit 2 lớp 9


Phần looking back giúp cho bạn học ôn tập lại trường đoản cú vựng tương tự như các kĩ năng đã học trong unit 2. Nội dung bài viết cung cung cấp những gợi nhắc để giải bài bác tập vào sách giáo khoa.



1.Complete the word webs with nouns and adjectives connected with the city.

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Hoàn thành sowddoof bằng các danh từ cùng tính từ tương quan đến thành phố


2. Put one word from the box in each gap

Điền 1 từ vào bảng vào chỗ trống

Noisy full crowded bored

Fabulous urban fascinating A big đô thị is full of life. Thành phố fife is more modern & (1) fasinating than elsewhere. It is usually very busy & (2) noisy, even at night.

Life in a big đô thị starts early in the morning. Soon the roads are (3) full of vehicles. School children in their uniform can be seen on the pavement, walking or waiting buses. People rush to work. With every passing hour, the traffic goes on increasing. The shops and the market places remain (4) crowded till the evening hours.

Certainly (5) urban life has certain charms. It offers great opportunities và challenges, especially for the young. There are lots of things to lớn du, và facilities are well developed. There are (6) fabulous places for amusement & recreation. One never feels (7) bored in a city.


3. Complete each sentence with the word given, using comparison. Include any other necessary words.

Hoàn thành câu với các từ đã cho, sử dụng kết cấu so sánh.

1. The last exhibition was not _as interesting as__ this one. INTERESTING2. This city is developing_the fastest__ in the region. FAST3. Let"s take this road. It is _the shortest_ way to lớn the city. SHORT4. I was disappointed as the film was __less entertaining__ than I had expected. ENTERTAINING 5. You"re not a safe driver! You should drive _more carefully__. CAREFULLY

4. Complete each space with a phrasal verb from the list. Change the size of the verb if necessary.

Hoàn thành khu vực trống cùng với những nhiều động từ trong danh sách.

1. She__(has) turned down ___ his invitation to lớn the các buổi party and now he"s really upset.2. What"s__ going on ___ in the street over there? mở cửa the door!3. Lots of fruit and vegetables will help you__ get over__ your cold.4. My brother was___ cheered up __ with a trip to lớn the zoo.5. The road was jammed, so we had to__ turn back __ anc find an alternative route.6. I have ___ found out __ about a fabulous place where we can go for a picnic this weekend.

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5. Rewrite each sentence so that it has a similar meaning and contains the word in capitals.

Viết lại câu thế nào cho nghĩa không biến đổi và có sử dụng những từ in hoa

1. Don"t leave the lights on when you leave the classroom. OFF

Turn off the lights when you leave the classroom.

2. Mai spent her childhood in a small town in the south. UP

Mai grew up in a small town in the south.

3. Kathy checked the restaurant on her thiết bị di động phone. LOOKED

Kathy looked up the restaurant on her sản phẩm điện thoại phone.

4. My grandmother has recovered from her operation. GOT

My grandmother has got over her operation.

5. We are really expecting to see you again with pleasure. LOOK

We are looking forward lớn seeing you again.


6. Work in two teams. The first team gives the name of a city or town in Viet Nam. The other team says any man-made or natural attractions that it is famous for. Then switch. The team with the most items wins.

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Làm câu hỏi theo 2 nhóm. Nhóm thứ nhất đưa ra thương hiệu của 1 tp hay thị trấn. Nhóm sót lại nói bất kể một điểm du lịch tự nhiên hoặc nhân tạo danh tiếng và ngược lại. Nhóm có rất nhiều hơn là đội thắng.