Tom Works For A Company Which Make Electronic Devices


We pride ourselves on our ability khổng lồ adapt và grow as the landscape of mobile giải pháp công nghệ evolves. Over more than four decades, we have earned a sterling reputation developing electronics designed to lớn handle unique environments with seven brands serving more than half-a-dozen industries.

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ASA Electronics has come a long way since CEO Tom Irions co-founded the company in 1977. Irions and his business partner, Kelly Rose, started out as the Midwest regional distributors of smartphone audio/visual products for Audiovox. Irions & Rose phối up siêu thị in Elkhart, Indiana in the middle of a thriving conversion van & recreational vehicle manufacturing market. This gave ASA easy access to lớn their customer base and also afforded us a glimpse into the realities of the market & the customers’ needs. The biggest insight Irions gained was that his customers wanted tougher electronics. Consumer-grade televisions và stereos were not cutting it in vehicles meant lớn drive across the country, into the wilderness, & back. More & more, customers were asking for modifications the existing supply chain just couldn’t accommodate.


Tom Irions – CEO

Frustrated by the major electronics companies’ lax approach toward developing products for the smartphone market, Irions took matters into his own hands. In 1981, the ASA Fabrication Division was born. This allowed us khổng lồ take on the specialty manufacturing and assembly work needed khổng lồ make the adjustments our customers were begging for. This was just the first step forward in creating unique solutions for chất lượng applications. Five years later, the ASA Electronics team grew again, adding our own engineering department & contracted manufacturers in China. This allowed us lớn start building our own hàng hóa from the ground up that would stand up to điện thoại use. We established control processes for 100-percent of our hàng hóa design work to ensure we are getting the same màn chơi of unique across the board.

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Tom Irions – CEO

Our attention khổng lồ detail & attention to our customers’ quality needs have been bộ vi xử lý core tenets of our business mã sản phẩm for over 40 years. Our relationships in the conversion van market led to one of our earliest milestone products. In 1991, we developed the first-ever 13-inch DC-powered television for smartphone use. This gave manufacturers a TV they could install without any additional modifications or adapters, unlike traditional AC-powered models. Throughout the early 90s, ASA Electronics continued to lớn develop groundbreaking products, securing numerous patents và our own trademarked brand names.

In 1996, ASA Electronics took our relationship with Audiovox in a new direction, becoming a joint venture partner. This included the acquisition of the Heavy Duty Trucking, Agriculture, & Construction divisions from Audiovox. This helped us to further grow & diversify our business outside of the recreational vehicle market. In 1998, we solidified our commitment lớn assuring quality products và prioritizing our customers’ needs with our first ISO:9001 certification. We uphold the seven ISO principles of quality: customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvements, evidence-based decision making, & relationship status. We have maintained our certification và commitment to lớn best practices ever since.

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We have worked hard lớn build a team with the skills necessary lớn handle every stage of production. Our diverse range of capabilities allows us lớn better serve the needs of our customers throughout the process, whether that means designing an entirely new product, customizing an existing sản phẩm to fit their application, or simply answering questions in a timely manner.