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1. Write about one of the subjects you lượt thích best

Of my subjects at school, I love English best for the following reasons. First of all, Englishhas become an international language. There are more than one hundred English speakingcountries all over the world. Also, speaking English well makes it easy for us khổng lồ get a goodjob. Furthermore, English is a compulsory subject at school. We study this subject threeperiods a week, which makes me very excited. What makes me love English best is thatEnglish is very interesting. There are many exciting films, newspapers, magazines which arein English. In addition, it is very interesting khổng lồ communicate with people worldwide inEnglish. You can know their culture very well. In conclusion, English is my favorite subjectfor the reasons I have mentioned above. (127 words)

2. Write a passage to give your own opinion of topic: "physical exercises are veryuseful lớn our health"

3. It is said that: "English is a useful language" vì chưng you think so? Write a passage toshow your idea.

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I strongly agree with the idea: "English is an useful language" for the following reasons.First of all, English is an international language. There are more than one hundred Englishspeaking countries all over the world, so it is very useful to lớn speak English. Furthermore,speaking English well makes it easy khổng lồ have a job. My sister speaks English very excellently,so she has got a good & well paid job since she graduated from her university. Last but notleast, English is a means of communication. For example, you can communicate with peopleworldwide in English, which also helps you lớn know their cultures very well. In conclusion,it is very useful lớn speak English for the reasons I have mentioned above. (122 words)4. Write a passage on ways khổng lồ protect the environment.

Nowadays, our environment is being seriously polluted, that is why we need khổng lồ know theways to lớn protect the environment. First of all, we should reduce, reuse và recycle. Instead ofusing plastic bags which are hard to lớn dissolve we can use banana leaves to wrap food. By thisway we can save much paper và reduce garbage. It is a good idea khổng lồ reuse & recyclebottles & cans so that we can save natural resources. Furthermore, it would be better if weknow how khổng lồ prevent people from throwing trash. Why don"t we put more garbage bins onstreets và around schools lớn prevent lazy people from littering. Last but not least, it is veryimportant for us khổng lồ protect the air. How about using buses instead of motorbikes, which willhelp to lớn reduce exhaust fume very much? In conclusion, we will protect our environmentproperly if we follow the simple rules I have just mentioned above (159 words)

5. Mạng internet plays an important role in our life.

in education. There are many online schools, online lessons so that it is very convenient forus to lớn self-study. Also, it is a good idea for us to giới thiệu our idea in different forums. Inconclusion, the internet is very useful và it plays an crucial part in our daily life. (126words)

6. Write a passage about opinion on the topic: "what should teenagers vì chưng to help thecommunity nowadays."

Teenagers are the future generation of our country, that is the reason why they must knowwhat they should vày to help the community nowadays. First of all, teenagers can help thecommunity protect the environment. It is a good idea for teenagers lớn keep the environmentclean by participating programs such as collecting garbage on the streets, reusing andrecycling bottles and cans. Furthermore, it would be better if teenagers help the poor & theold. For example, teenagers can help them with a lot of hard work or take care of them whenthey are sick. Another thing teenagers can bởi to help the community is to vì chưng much voluntarywork. Why don"t they donate their blood và join many campaigns such as green summer,
world hour etc... In conclusion, teenagers can help the community very much by thefollowing way I have mentioned above. (146 words)

7. Computers play an important role in our life

conclusion, computers are very important in our life for the reasons I have mentioned above.(147 words)

8. Write about the advantages and disadvantages of a child in a large family.

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A child in a large family has both advantages & disadvantages. To lớn begin with, being achild in a large family has many advantages. First of all, this child never feels lonely becausehe has brothers and sisters who always mô tả with him their happiness, sadness or even theirdeepest feelings. Also, this child will receive much help from the others. For example, if hehas any problems, he will have his brothers & sisters solving them immediately. However,being a child in a big family also has disadvantages. Probably, this child can not receivemuch care from his parents because they are too busy with their work. Furthermore, thisfamily may have many difficulties in their finance, which can make this child not beeducated well. In conclusion, being a child in a large family has not only advantages butdisadvantages as well. (144 words)

9. Your class had a weekend picnic khổng lồ the countryside last Sunday. Write a paragraphabout it.

Last Sunday I had an unforgettable trip to lớn the countryside about 50 kilometers lớn the south ofHa Noi. This journey was very interesting. We got up very early and caught a 7- o"clock busto the village. On the journey, we saw many green paddy fields & bamboo forests. At theentrance lớn the village, there was a big old banyan tree. After climbing up the mountain foran hour, we felt very hungry và tired, so we stopped to take a rest & have a snack under atree. From the đứng top of the mountain, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of this area and the
fresh air. In the afternoon, we went boating on the river và went home late in the evening.After this journey, we felt very happy and we wish we could visit this area again some day.(148 words)


Luận điểm 2: besides its wonderful scenery, I lượt thích people here. They werehospitable...

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Luận điểm 3: rất có thể viết về the weather tốt về cái gì đó...

Last Sunday I had an unforgettable trip to the countryside about 50 kilometers to the south ofHa Noi. First of all, I would lượt thích to mention the scenery here. There is a beautiful mountainwhich still keeps its nature. We could hear many birds singing there. Also, from the đứng top ofthe mountain, we caught the sight of a lovely river. (nên viết thêm là: and green paddyfields). Besides its wonderful scenery, I love the people here very much because of theirhospitality. Although we were strangers, we felt as if we were members of their family.Another thing made this trip interesting was the lovely weather. In the morning, it waswarm, sunny & windy & the afternoon was so nice và cool that we wore our T-shirt andjeans. After this journey, we felt very happy & we wish we could visit this area again someday. (150 words)

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