Unit 6: An Excursion – Một chuyến hành trình – Language Focus – Unit 6 trang 70 SGK tiếng Anh 10. Exercise 1 Choose the correct option in brackets. (Chọn từ lựa chọn đúng trong ngoặc. )



● Listen và repeat.

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1. Have you heard about our excursion to gắng Pagoda?

2. Her father is learning German with a teacher.

3. Last year the birds returned to the river earlier than this year.

4. The girls work in the church on Thursdays.

5. Was it Barbara’s camera?

6. I’m thirsty. Nurse. I want a glass of water.

Grammar :

The present progressive (with a future meaning) & be going to

(Thì lúc này tiếp diễn(mang nghĩa tương lai) và be going to.)

Exercise 1 Choose the correct option in brackets.

(Chọn từ tuyển lựa đúng vào ngoặc. )

1. Tell me your plan, Lan. What (are you doing / will you do) this Saturday evening?

2. Mary (will get married / is getting married) next week.

3. There’s a good play on TV tonight. (Will you / Are you going to) watch it?

4. I feel terrible. I think I (will be / am going khổng lồ be) sick.

5. There are a lot of đen clouds in the sky. It (will / is going to) rain.

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1. Are you doing 2. Is netting married

3. Are you going to going to heQuảng cáo

5. Is going to

Exercise 2: Put the verbs in brackets in the present progressive or he going to.

(Viết đụng từ vào ngoặc nghỉ ngơi Thì hiện tại tại tiếp tục hoặc be going to.)

1. The Browns (go) lớn the cinema this evening.

2. We (have) an English-speaking club meeting next week. Would you like to come?

3. The cat is just behind the rat. It (catch) the latter.

4. Where you (put) this new bookcase?

5. Smoking is very bad for his health, but he (not give) it up.

1. Are going 2. Are having

3. Is going khổng lồ catch 4. Are you putting

5. Is not going to lớn give

Exercise 3: Complete the exchanges, using the present progressive or be going to.

(Điền các câu trao đổi dùng thì hiện nay tại tiếp diễn hoặc be going to.)

1. There’s a football match on TV this afternoon.______ ?

No. I’m busy.______ .

2. Can you come next weekend?

Sorry, we’d love to, but______ .

3. I hear Tim has won a lot of money. What______ ?

He says_______.

4. Should I leave the umbrella at home?

It’s cloudy & windy.______. Take it along.

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5. Vì chưng you think the windows are so dirty?

Oh, yes. I_____ later.

1. There’s a football match on TV this afternoon. Are you going to watch it ?