Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking part 2 band 8 kèm trường đoản cú vựng ăn điểm cho chủ đề Describe your favorite season of the year.

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Describe your favorite season of the year

You should say:

•What the weather is like.

•Why you like this season.

•What activities you usually vị during this season.

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•How different kinds of weather in this season affect people.

Band 8 Sample

Today, I am going khổng lồ tell you about my favourite season. Honestly, I love all the seasons but I think my favourite is spring. Usually, it starts at the over of December in our country and lasts till the middle of March.

The weather in Vietnam is the best during spring because you will not suffer from the excessive heat of summer or the freezing wind of winter. The temperature is tolerable both day và night. One of the best things about spring is that, during this poetic season, nature displays itself in beautiful green and flowers are noticed everywhere. Fruit trees, such as cherry và apricot trees are in full blossom, và colourful flowers such as daffodils and marigolds bloom in parks & gardens. The sounds of spring are wonderful too. A typical spring day will begin when some birds start their morning chorus as they look for a mate. We also celebrate Tet, one of the most anticipated holidays by the Vietnamese people. This is an occasion for pilgrimages, family reunions & many festivals. Parties full of delicious traditional dishes are the main theme for the whole holiday of Tet.

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I am of the opinion that different kinds of weather can affect people’s health. Even among those in the prime of health, an excessively hot or cold day can lead lớn illness or injury, let alone the elderly, who can be more susceptible khổng lồ extreme weather conditions. Weather can also make a huge impact on people’s lives. Obviously, the weather dictates what you are going lớn wear for the day, often depending on the time of year. Also, winter snow storms in Western countries can cancel school or make your morning commute a hassle.